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After much anticipation 'AND SILENCE REMAINS' released their first album.


Their so called 'PURE MELODIC METAL' is a welcome change in the modern world of HARD'N'HEAVY. It is not over edited nor does it sound fake. It reminds me of the golden days of the Heavy Metal boom.

AND SILENCE REMAINS surely shows the capability to unite different generations of Metal Fans with a skillset and approach that combines classic Metal with the modern.


The feel of the album is fantastic, dark enough to trigger your curiosity, but not too dark to be considered extreme. It flows through from the intro to the last song.


Ten songs are on the album and 'AND SILENCE REMAINS' surely makes it hard to pick a favourite. 

The intro is 'Goetterdaemmerung' (Twilight Of The Gods).

According to google it relates to german mythology and describes the destruction of the gods and of all things in a final battle with evil powers.

Here you have it. What a message to start the day.

The second song is 'In Sorrow'. 

Straight up fast with no intention to slow down. Terrific chorus in a rather old school style with highly addictive melodies.

Number Three is 'Tales From The Crypt'.

Those who have lived through the 80's and 90's would remember a TV show of the same name. Short horror stories narrated by the Cryptkeeper. What a show!

This 'Tales from the Crypt' has a similar structure. Two seemingly independent stories accompanied with a killer chorus with a fast melodic background. Hopefully for

'AND SILENCE REMAINS' this song will reach similar heights then the TV show.

'Te Deum' is number four.

According to Wikipedia, Te Deum is a latin christian hymn composed in the 4th century and can be translated as 'Dear God' and the extended version 'Te deum laudamus' meaning 'Dear God, we praise'. 

I doubt that 'AND SILENCE REMAINS' chose this topic to be an ambassador to the church.

This song is slower and  heavier than the previous songs. But it drives!

Number five, 'Raising The Dead' and my pick of the day.

Based on the resurrection attempts in the 18th century. Back then, doctors and scholar were attempting to bring back the dead using electricity. Mostly convicted criminals after they had been sent to death.

Fast and mean. And again, killer chorus. The whole song comes together beautifully. The guitars, the melodies and the lyrics. An overall fantastic song that gets you humming the chorus in no time.

Number six, 'The Never'

The first ballad of the Album and guess what. 'AND SILENCE REMAINS' can do ballads. And what a catchy ballad this is. Great melodies, a big chorus and a magnificent guitar solos. A true pleasure to listen to. Even for non Metalheads.

'Far Beyond' is seven.

This is arguably the biggest and the most complex song on the album. A nearly 6 minutes monster that has everything one can imagine. A huge bridge with a singing style not so common in Heavy Metal, clean guitars in alteration with fast elements and big lyrics.

The eighth song is 'See No Evil'

See no evil is different. Fast and mean no doubt, but the structure is less. One could say it's non existing. Rapid pace changes where you wouldn't pick them to be. Clean and distorted guitar alternation where you wouldn't expect it. But that fact makes this song stick out. It's an interesting concept and nonetheless a hell of a song!

Number nine is 'The Devil Within'

This song based on the legend of "FAUST", A scholar in the 15th century whose thirst of knowledge scored him a deal with the devil. Faust would gain extensive knowledge in exchange for his soul.

The song is unreal different. Even more so than 'See No Evil'. This is definitely not of Heavy Metal origin. I don't even know what it is. It is canon singing mostly. The music is more in the background with a medieval feel to it. An exceptional piece. Great musical skills.

'When Darkness Falls' the last song in the set.

And the darkness falls, that's for sure. Huge intro, fabulous  melodies. aggressive verses, harmonic bridge and a  unforgettable chorus. Through and through a fast melodic song. Ideal to finish off the war before the silence remains.

'AND SILENCE REMAINS' released an impeccable album and I wouldn't be surprised to have the silence broken with a new album in the not too distant future.

-Markus W.




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