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Retiring from the music business

Updated: Jan 1, 2021

Heavy-hearted I have decided to retire from making music.

The statements of critics on the quality of my music is starting to annoy me. I am that sort of person who takes statements and opinions to heart and the willingness to absorb this is declining rapidly.

Once again I feel the need to explain myself.

My project was never meant to hit 10000's of streams. The primary reason I produced that album was to leave something behind for my children, something they can look up to. But somehow people kept tuning in and my little home made project found its way to magazines and critics.

'AND SILENCE REMAINS' was praised by some and slammed by others.

Quite often I had to read about the average performance and production of the Album.

That statement made me realize that my beloved Heavy Metal has transformed from a underground movement to a mainstream genre where there is no place for raw and honest productions.

Looking back now I probably should have put the brakes on earlier. The time and effort I put in to deal with interviews and critics was tremendous.

Time is precious and children grow up too fast.

remains online with the occasional post.

I'll still be reacting to comments, questions and feedback

Having cleansed myself from the frustration of the modern music industry I would like to show appreciation and gratitude.

The success of 'AND SILENCE REMAINS' was phenomenal and an experience I treasure for life.

My music was played on radio shows, was streamed by thousands and was featured in podcasts, magazines and websites from around the world.

I sold CD's and T-shirts across Australia and beyond.

For that I'm forever grateful and I thank everyone for your support.

Thank you all for tuning in, signing up and above all,

supporting unsigned metal artists.

That's the true spirit of Heavy Metal!


Timo Wimmer

And Silence Remains

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